Meet Traci and anna

Hi! We are Anna and Traci the Co-Founders of Modern Grace. 

Our story began quite by happenstance three years ago when we met as co-workers. At the time we were simply two people who worked for the same company.  Our professional lives became intertwined when we were both assigned to a corporate initiative that required us to share an office space. We didn’t have a choice but to get along (ha!) and from there our friendship began. We often discussed what it was like to try and juggle successful careers, motherhood, being a wife, and all the other demands we put on ourselves. These conversations came with vulnerability, lots of laughs, sometimes tears. Ultimately, we formed a safe space to remind each other to be confident in who we are, stand tall, and know that our ideas were worth being heard.  

Modern Grace Boutique was built on the desire to bring professional women together, offer affordable luxury clothing, and inspire ALL women to be stand tall, even when it’s hard.  We bring sophisticated style and confidence to all women by offering timeless clothing and a network of like-minded women.

Right now, our business is a pop-up boutique in Central Minnesota. We continue to work our full-time jobs and host events on the weekends or weekday evenings. Yes, we realize we added more to the demands of life, but our journey and other women’s have inspired us to dream big and build this network.