How To Wear Sweatpants to Work

How To Wear Sweatpants to Work

First let's start with some ground rules on wearing sweatpants to work:

1. It's a definite no-no if you're interviewing for a job.

2. If it is an office where casual dress isn't allowed, you'll have to be subtle about it or risk making everyone else feel uncomfortable.

3. Remember, always check with HR before rocking any new style trend in the workplace!

Here's what you need to know about wearing sweatpants to work:

4. When choosing a comfy pant to wear to work consider a jogger style or wide leg pant with a higher waist. Both styles pair well with heels to add an elevated look

5. Sweatshirts and sweatpants aren't an office look, so choose tops that are made with chiffon or silk fabrics and wear a blazer or jacket over to add a touch of professionalism.

In summary, you can keep a relaxed vibe while feeling chic with your work clothes if chosen wisely!

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